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Flexifoil Sting 2 - 2.4
Flexifoil Sting 2 - 2.4
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Flexifoil Sting 2 - 2.4

The Flexifoil Sting The perfect introduction to 4-line kites

An affordable high quality 4-line ram air style kite with good solid power which delivers clean steady acceleration. It’s simple direct control makes you feel really connected to the kite, allowing you to develop your flying skills and with the benefit of an easy relaunch system its perfect for solo flying.

Available with 4-line configuration on handles or bar The Sting is available to buy either with 4-line control (handles) OR a 4-line control (bar). Both options are backed up by the Flexifoil safety system, meaning that if you need to, you can simply let go (of the handles or bar) and the kite safely depowers and falls to the ground.

For most flyers we would recommend the handles option., however if you are looking for a kite to assist with kitesurf training or a teaching younger kiter than we recommended the bar option.

Leading edge gauze
The leading edge gauze mesh gives the kite exceptional stability so you don't need to worry about it folding or falling even in gusty wind conditions. An easy re-launch facility allows the kite to roll off its leading edge then flip upright and smoothly fly back up into the air! Bullet-proof construction improves crash resistance and distributes the load from bridles.

High wind, ultra stable, tough and safe traction
The larger Stings also have a place in the kit bag for advanced kite buggy pilots as ultra stable, high-wind traction engines.

Kiting in conditions that would usually be classed as unsuitable is now possible due to the Sting's gust absorbing properties however we do recommend that you upgrade the flying lines if you are planning to use this kite for this purpose!

The Sting also comes with Colour coded flying lines and proven safety system for hassle free, easy set up and confident flying.

The Sting is incredible value and is sold with everything you need to get flying.

The package includes:
Sting Kite, Handles or Bar Control gear (with Flexifoil safety system), 100kg/75kg 18m 4 Flying Line Set, full comprehensive instructions, storage bag and some Flexifoil stickers. There’s even a one month no-quibble free-repair just in case.
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