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North Jamie Pro 2008
North Jamie Pro 2008
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North Jamie Pro 2008

The 2008 Jaime Series is bridging the gap between free-ride and freestyle. Possibly the most universal board in the North range, the Jaime has plenty of pop for throwing powered new-school tricks yet maintains a smooth, comfy feel. The secret to the Jaime's huge range lies in its asymmetrical bottom concave that combines a new-school rocker in the center of the board for speed with a rounder scoop line along the rails for a forgiving ride. Medium flex makes the Jaime perfect for laying down tracks in small waves. With over 15000 boards sold, Jaime's 6th generation pro model sets a new benchmark in performance and advanced board construction... Here's what Jaime has to say about it; "So what’s new? Nothing really, but then again… everything. I’m obsessed with comfort these days. To me it’s all about making any type of conditions fun to ride and the sport and technology are now at a point where huge steps are possible in these fields. We’ve learned loads from the past. Our rocker lines are more fine tuned than ever before and with the new materials and lay-outs we have more control over the board in different water surfaces. So no matter if it’s slick-flat or rough, choppy water I know I can keep pushing it. One thing is for sure...this time I can’t blame anything on the board!" -Jaime Herraiz
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