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Best 5\" 11 Spacekraft Kite Surf Board 2010
Best 5" 11 Spacekraft Kite Surf Board 2010
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Best 5" 11 Spacekraft Kite Surf Board 2010

2010 Best 5" 11 Spacekraft Surfboard

Board come Complete with Fins and Pads (straps not included)

Best's all-new Tri-fin Waveboards will help you make your wave riding as much fun as possible. Designed to work in a variety of different conditions, the 2010 waveboards are both shaped with a subtle bottom concave to help balance fin drive and rail bite, allowing you to maximize edge-to-edge control for harder, tighter carving.

Seamlessly constructed with a lightweight EPS core, the 5" 6 Shortstick and 5" 11 Spacekraft both benefit from Tactical Glass reinforcements that provide ding resistance to the upper deck and rails. Center line inserts give you the option of riding the board strapped for more control in heavy conditions or riding strapless for a purer surf feel.

A high-gloss UV-resistant surface finish that sheds water for reduced drag finishes off each board, providing you with a durable finish that will last and last. With the proven durability of our production board designs, blended with the ride you’d expect from your favorite pure-surf short board shaper, the 5" 11 Spacekraft and 5" 6 Shortstick deliver.

The Shortstick and Spacekraft surfboards are intended for strapless riding. They come with high performance fins using the FCS attachment system and fitted rear deck-pad. A front deck-pad is included in the package for riders who wish to fit this and their own choice of straps for strapped riding.
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