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Best Spark 134 Kite Surf Board - 08
Best Spark 134 Kite Surf Board - 08
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Best Spark 134 Kite Surf Board - 08

With more new kitesurfers than ever learning to kitesurf on Best gear, the R&D team has been working flat out to improve the Spark board for the ‘08 season. Once again, the Spark board and Waroo will make the perfect gear package for any new rider looking to advance their riding.

The Spark board was so popular last year that we’ve decided to add two additional sizes to the range, to ensure the perfect size Spark for every rider out there. If you have completed your lessons, and are looking to start adding tricks to your riding, the Spark is the perfect board for you right now.

The R&D team has refined the Spark board, improving the ride quality, reducing the board weight, and most importantly, tuning the rocker shape to make it a perfect match for the ‘08 Waroo.

Designed for the cost-conscious beginner/intermediate rider looking for the best platform on which to accelerate progress, the Spark board brings together a wide range of technologies from our entire board range - at an amazing price point.

True snowboard construction: our resin- impregnated Poplar wood core provides strength and flexibility in equal measure. Tuned to hold an accurate edge for charging upwind, yet comfortable enough to soak up the chop; the Spark’s combination of controlled flex and precision rocker provides control and versatility in equal measure. Marinized deck inserts provide the ultimate in corrosion resistance, while 29mm reinforced fin boxes add to the Spark’s robust build and ride- anywhere ability. The Spark is built to plane early, allowing you to maximize the low end ability of your equipment.

With fiberglass-reinforced, digitally-printed top and bottom graphic sheets sandwiching snowboard- construction ABS rails, the Spark is built to be ridden hard and has been designed with durability as a prime concern.

A bi-axial fibreglass lay-up combined with the Poplar wood core creates a lively feel underfoot, allowing all riders to feel at ease on the board in any conditions.

Aimed at the beginner/intermediate rider, the Spark is priced lower than you would expect for any board with these specifications, allowing you to own a complete set-up of Waroo, ‘08 Best Bar, Spark board and Best harness for less than many other manufacturer’s kites alone. The ‘08 Waroo and the ‘08 Spark board make the perfect combination for any rider looking to maximize progress.

Product Features:

Snowboard construction with ABS rail
Controlled flex zones
CNC machined Poplar wood core
Marinized deck inserts
Biax fibreglass construction
Digitally-printed abrasion-resistant top and bottom sheets
Offset insert position
More Photos (click to enlarge)

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