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Windtronic 2 Windmeter
Windtronic 2 Windmeter
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Windtronic 2 Windmeter

Ease of Operation
The cup principle eliminates the cumbersome need of orienting the device as measurements are obtained irrespective of wind direction. A major benefit in practical use that provides accurate readings at any time.

Clearly Legible Display
The large LCD display shows the following readings:

Current wind speed
Max. wind speed (MX)
Average wind speed (AV)
Bar graph of current Beaufort values

Selectable Units
By a simple push of a button you may select one of the following units:
KM/H (Kilometers/Hours), KTS (Knots), M/S (Meter/Second), MPH (Miles/Hour)

Manual or Stationary Operation
An integrated tripod thread allows you to make temporary stationary use of Windtronic 2.

Accurate Readings
A combination of precision mechanics and quartz-controlled electronics guarantees the highes level of accuracy over the entire temperature range.

Minimal Energy Consumption
A standard lithium battery will supply your wind meter with power for approximately 10 years. After that time, you can simply replace the battery yourself.

Complete with protective wallet.

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