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FatSand Kite Surfing DVD - AC
FatSand Kite Surfing DVD - AC
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FatSand Kite Surfing DVD - AC

It’s easy to forget that the pros just love being out there on the water, having fun, as much as you do. So we set out to capture world-class riders doing what they do best, riding the way they like to ride. We want our riders to communicate through their kiting - not through so-called ‘lifestyle’ shots on the beach. With AC, a kitesurfing movie is just that - kitesurfing. There’s also a lot of amazing kitesurfers out there who choose not to turn pro. Our full rider list for AC will show you just how many local riders we hooked up with, and filmed, on our location shoots.

Low on lifestyle and high on action, AC showcases the best of modern kiteboarding. Join Mark Doyle, Aaron Hadlow, Mark Shinn and a host of kiters making their movie debut, as we present kitesurfing at it’s most exhilarating and beautiful.

Filmed in South Africa, Europe, the Red Sea and the Caribbean, AC lets the best riders loose in the greatest playgrounds on earth. AC shows kitesurfers having the time of their lives - not only performing the latest moves at breakneck speed, but also having fun in some of the world’s most dramatic locations. All presented with the cinematic excellence and attention to detail you have come to expect from a Fat Sand Production.

Read on for all the information on AC that you could ever need! This includes details of AC’s extra features, where you can lean more about the riders, locations, music and much more.
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