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MBS Pro 90 - Kite mountain board
MBS Pro 90 - Kite mountain board
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MBS Pro 90 - Kite mountain board

This is the second year for the MBS Pro 90 and it remains as the ultimate production kiteboard. The Pro 90 deck is truly original in terms of shape and construction. The shape allows us to save weight and create a well balanced board. The super strong unidirectional carbon-fibre weave which actually showing through the bottom graphic, and the other layers come together to create a stiff, responsive and extremely poppy deck. The board was designed in conjunction with and to meet the demands of the MBS Europe Pro Kite Team – Lewis Wilby, Mark Berry and Dave Ursell. This year we have added F4 bindings.


  • ATS Pro Ti Trucks with Titanium axles
  • Twistar hardwareless hubs (White)
  • T3 Tyres (Black)
  • F4 Bindings
  • Sandwich Construction Deck
  • Stainless hardware
  • Ergonomic grab handle


Overall Weight:
11.4lbs / 5.2kg
Overall Length:
40.94" / 104cm
Axle to Axle Length:
38.8" / 98.4cm
Deck Length:
39.4" / 89cm
Deck Construction:
Sandwich / Carbon Fibre Bottom
Deck Stiffness:
Deck Tip Angle:
20 degrees
Truck Width:
15.5" / 39.4cm
Axle O.D.:
9.5x20mm Stainless

More Photos (click to enlarge)

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