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MBS Comp 95 Mountain Board
MBS Comp 95 Mountain Board
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MBS Comp 95 Mountain Board

The MBS Comp 95 is a very versatile board suitable for all levels of rider. From the entry level rider who requires a larger and stiffer set up to the weekend warrior who freerides, freestyles and just has a good time. The Comp 95 features all the classic MBS components witih new additions like the Twistar hubs last year and F4 bindings this year. It has been a solid board for many years and one of our most popular boards.


  • Matrix Trucks (Yellow egg shocks)
  • Twistar hardwareless hubs (White)
  • T1 Tyres (Black)
  • F4 Bindings (Black)
  • Power Laminate Construction Deck (Surlyn base)
  • Stainless hardware


overall weight:
14.5lbs / 6.5kg
overall length:
45.3" / 115.1cm
axle to axle length:
37.1" / 94.3cm
deck length:
37.3" / 94.7cm
deck construction:
Power Laminate Composite Construction (PLC)
deck stiffness:

deck tip angle:
35 degrees
truck width:
15.5" / 39.4cm
axle o.d.:
12mm o.d.

More Photos (click to enlarge)

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