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PKD Buster 09 - 3m
PKD Buster 09 - 3m
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PKD Buster 09 - 3m

The Buster took the entry level traction kiting market by storm when it was introduced 3 years ago. The long awaited replacement for the original Buster is arriving in May and is set to create an even bigger impact than it’s predecessor.

So what makes the Buster II so good?

Buster II spec
  • New updated kite design - one colour per size
  • Pro rigid ram air wing shape D-row bridled
  • Easy Dirt Evacuation zip outs
  • New top and bottom skin graphic, all panels sewn, seams inside
  • Air inlets Combat style design (™)
  • Ockert 70kg, PES/Dyneema SK75, sleeved and sewn
  • Loop-in bridle, 4 colours - 4 rows
  • Cascaded – 50% less material – 50% less drag
  • PKDS, quick AOA adjustment without disconnecting flying lines
Soulfly handles
  • Brand new design
  • Reinforced ABS cleats for break line adjustment
  • No tools needed for main leader and strop adjustment
  • Full length rubber grips
Flying line
  • High tech fiber line, 25m x 200/90kg colour - grey
  • Dyneema SK75 8x1 braids and coated
Kite bag
  • Big volume, Oxford Nylon, with PKD logo and adjustable shoulder strap
Accessory Pack includes
  • Kite packing strap
  • 2 groundstakes
  • 2 kite killers
  • Key ring strap
  • 2 PKD logo stickers
  • 2 PKD logo embroidery tags
  • 2 ground bags (fill yourself with sand, snow, rice)
  • 1 set protection sleeves (™)
  • Manual BUSTER II

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