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Nivuk Peak 27
Nivuk Peak 27
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Nivuk Peak 27

Complete with stuff sack this wing is in excellent conditon with approximately 150-200 hours. Canopy is crispy. Pictures are from December last year. All up weight for this wing is 90-110kg and certified EN-D.

Mike's moving on to the Peak 2 and so this has to find a good home. Cracking wing, excellent glide.

Now for the official Niviuk Talk....

The PEAK is an innovative paraglider, a wing designed using the experience, the know how and technology from a stable of already world beating wings.

Niviuk has again pushed the limits of technological evolution and this, along with the hard work, the experience and the passion of the Niviuk design team, have now resulted in the PEAK, a serial wing which now sets new standards in its class.

The excellent results achieved in the design of this wing and its superior profile are as a direct result of innovations, taken from our competition wings. Olivier Nef and the rest of the R&D team have achieved results above even their own expectations.

The performances standards of the PEAK were sighted to be as close to those of the Icepeak XP as possible but yet it had to fall within the certification. A task that many would have found impossible, but a task, which has been achieved by the team at Niviuk. The final result is the PEAK a wing with performance and stability, which is incomparable with any other wing certificated.

Not only has the PEAK, the son of the Icepeak XP been gifted with outstanding performance but it has maintained the legendary Niviuk feel and the true essence of Niviuk.

The PEAK is a leap forward in paraglider design. It is a paraglider designed to compete at the highest level, a paraglider designed for high performance and stability, a paraglider, which has now raised the bar for the certificated class.
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Nivuk Peak 27
Nivuk Peak 27
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