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Brauniger IQ COMPEO+ Alti vario gps
Brauniger IQ COMPEO+ Alti vario gps
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Brauniger IQ COMPEO+ Alti vario gps

Flight instrument, Altivario with 16-channel GPS receiver.

The IQ COMPEO + is the very new High-End Instrument by BRÄUNIGER Flight Electronic. It is based on the previous IQ-COMPEO, but is now provided with complete new, future- oriented processor technology and various features of expandability, such as slot for smart card and Bluetooth application.

Short summary of functions :

- Compact flight instrument with integrated 16 channel GPS-module;
- No external antenna required.
- Robust, aerodynamic casing, holder bracket is compatible with previous Bräuniger-System.
- Screen available in 5 languages: D - GB - F - I - ES
- 4 function displays
- Precision pressure sensor with maximum Vario resolution
- 2 independent battery banks each with 2 AA-batteries (Alkali or NiMH-storage batteries), operating time approx. 2 x 20 hrs. The automatic switch-over of battery sets provides perfect electric discharge – never again you deal with only partially discharged batteries !
- Automatic or manual Start / Stop of flight recording
- Variable recording interval 2 to 60 sec. for up to 290 hrs. flight recording
- Permanent display of GPS and battery-status
- 31 user defined display fields

More information from Brauniger website including interactive image showing key displayed features

More Photos (click to enlarge)

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