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Bräuniger IQ-Competition GPS Alti vario
Bräuniger IQ-Competition GPS Alti vario
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Bräuniger IQ-Competition GPS Alti vario

The new IQ series of flight instruments combines the tried and tested qualities of the AV series, proven over many years in competitions and record flights with the latest pressure sensor and display technology to create a flight instrument system whose performance potential is far above the current World Standard.

This is our top instrument in the IQ Series with all possible functions available including GPS access.

Only a few of the functions are listed in this overview, here is a link to a find a Brauniger comparison table under >Products>IQ Series>Comparison

- high-precision pressure sensor with no longtime drift
- 2 altitudes for absolute or relative reading
- O-set automatic with alt 2
- speed-probe with stall-alarm, adjust.
- dual tone audio with McCready indication
- memo-function (diary)
- flight recorder conform FAI
- QNH-display in hPa
- total energy compensation, individual adjustment
- programmable polar curves
- net-vario or average vario
- data output direct to HP, Epson/IBM printers
- temperature indication
- McCready function with automatic switching on/off
*- final flight calculator supported from a GPS receiver
- graphical battery power indication
- easy adjusting of all personal settings with SET-Mode function
- PC-GRAPH software for PC
*- windspeed and direction

* Additional function compared to the IQ Competition


Range: +/- 2000 ft/min analog; +/- 2000 ft/min digital)
Display: analog and digital
Resolution: 40 ft/s analog; 20 ft/s digital
Average vario: 1...30 sec., adjustable time-constant
Audio signal: loud, low, off; adjustable descending-sound

Range: up to 19999 ft - Resolution: 3 ft
Display:5 digits digital

Range: 0...90 mph, Resolution: 1 mph
Stallalarm: adjustable 10...90 mph

Real time watch: 24 h mode
Flight time: hours: min.

Barograph (Competition): FAI conform
Resolution: Height = 3 ft; Speed = 1 mph
Scanrate: 1-5-15-25 sec.
Memory: 50 flights up to 70 hrs.
Data output:parallel (Centronics) for HP, Epson/IBM-printers and serial (RS 232) for PC and printers. Data-dumpout of all instrument settings to printer

Diary: readout of peak-values of the past 50 flights
Altitude (A1 and A2), Vario, Flight-time, Date, Speed

Dual power supply and consumption:
Batteries:Bat1: 2 x 1,5 V AA Alkali Bat + Bat2: 2 x 1,5 V AAA Alkali Bat. = total up for 150 hrs.

Optional Extras:
3 different clamps for hang- and paragliders available
2 different speedprobes for hang- and paragliders

Dimensions: 150 x 80 x 35 mm Weight:

All instruments are delivered complete with batteries and protection bag. Speedprobe and clamp are to order separately

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