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Brauniger IQ-BASIC-GPS Vario GPS
Brauniger IQ-BASIC-GPS Vario GPS
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Brauniger IQ-BASIC-GPS Vario GPS


The IQ-BASIC-GPS is an affordable, high end, precision instrument offering Altimeter, variometer and GPS functionality combined into one small, neat unit.

The combination of high end GPS with an extremely wide digital Vario range of +/- 300 m/s means that the vario as not only ideal for hang glider and paraglider pilots, but also has functions that are interesting for parachuting and skydiving.

The IQ-BASIC-GPS has features suitable for the whole spectrum of users; from new pilots on their first soaring flights up to ambitious cross country pilots wanting to maximise their performance.

The IQ-BASIC-GPS is very user friendly and easy to operate, while all the same being equipped with sophisticated functions for performance oriented pilots.


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