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Ozone Yakuza 12m
Ozone Yakuza 12m
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Ozone Yakuza 12m

The Yakuza has been developed over the past 4 years by the most diverse and technically minded team within the kiting industry.
Our team of committed buggy pilots are comprised of the best in the world including World Champion. And national champions in Great Britain, Germany, Netherlands, and Switzerland.

Ozone’s design team has worked closely with this highly successful group of buggy racers to perfect what has become the benchmark in race kite technology.

The design process on a high aspect kite like the Yakuza is a very involved process; a race kite needs to work in a wide variety of conditions, upwind, downwind or pretty much any direction you choose and be able to go as fast as possible whilst maintaining stability and low-end pull.

Our committed design team refused to stop prototyping until they had found the perfect design balance that makes the Yakuza the most successful race kite of today.

Feedback from our team managers around the world confirms that the balance between performance and the easy handling characteristics of the Yakuza has helped hundreds of pilots to improve their performance in competition.

The results speak for themselves.

As our UK team manager recalls after the first major race meeting where all five team pilots had their first outing with the new race kite.

“It was truly amazing, we ran five races that day and in every race it was Yakuza’s out in front from the start. We steadily pulled away from the rest of the field leaving a big gap between Yakuza pilots and all the opposition. This was repeated in every race. After we left the beach the atmosphere was electric…you didn’t have to say anything, it was like a shockwave had passed through the fleet and everyone knew this was the dawning of a new era”

If you want to be the fastest or feel the need to have the most powerful kite possible in you quiver then the Yakuza is definitely the kite for you.

Who is this kite designed for?

The Yakuza is designed for the kiter looking for absolute performance. The Yakuza has already won every major buggy race competition in its first season (2005)
If you want to be the fastest your only choice is the Yakuza

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Ozone Yakuza 12m
Ozone Yakuza 12m
Ozone Yakuza 12m
Ozone Yakuza 12m
Ozone Yakuza 12m
Ozone Yakuza 12m
Ozone Yakuza 12m
Ozone Yakuza 12m

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