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MBS Vector Truck
MBS Vector Truck
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MBS Vector Truck

The new MBS Vector Pro trucks with titanium axles strike the perfect balance - super light weight but still strong, highly precise but at an affordable price, and very stable but still easily adjustable. These are an evolution of our patent pending twin pin channel truck the Vector.

The rust-proof Ti axles and stainless hardware make this truck perfect for kiters seeking more precision and stability than a traditional skate truck can offer. But at the same time, mountainboarders wanting to shave weight off their channel truck set-ups will love it just the same. And for those riders that do a bit of both, MBS Vector Pro trucks can’t be beat. The Vector Pro truck is very popular amongst our younger team members who need a performance set up that is still light enough for them.

Weight 862g per Axle Diameter 9.5mm
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