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MBS FX Pro Heel  2 Straps
MBS FX Pro Heel 2 Straps
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MBS FX Pro Heel 2 Straps

MBS FX Pro Heel Straps are the most advanced heel straps on the market. They’re both light and comfortable, but their specialized shape and rigidity prevent them from ever falling down off your heel so you can feel 100% secure in your bindings at all times. And if you want to ride without heel straps for certain tricks or terrain, just flip the FX Pro Heel Straps up over your bindings where they’ll stay until they’re needed again (next trick, next ride, or even next season). FX Pro Heel Straps come stock with Cam-lock Buckles. For riders with F2 bindings or F3 Cam-lock bindings, or for any “adjust-aholics” out there, MBS recommends upgrading to F3 Ratchet buckles. FX Pro Heel Straps are not compatible with F1 or Freeflex bindings.
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