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Trampa Channel Mountain Board - F3 Bindings - Primos
Trampa Channel Mountain Board - F3 Bindings - Primos
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Trampa Channel Mountain Board - F3 Bindings - Primos

The Trampa 35 degree Long deck with MBS matrix adjustable trucks, MBS White Rockstar hub and Primo lightweight 2ply Red Alpha tyre with MBS F3 ratchet footstrap.

The longer deck offers a more general approach to riding. It is very poppy and suitable for all conditions and riding types.

The matrix Channel trucks are a favourite with many riders because of the sexy polished appearance and the fact that the springs and rubbers are easily adjustable. By using a 4mm Allen key you can easily custom set the steering resistance by tightening or loosening the spring setting.

More tuning can be achieved by changing the egg shocks (rubber elastomers) inside the springs to, Trampa Dampa's, which help reduce high speed wobble.  The Trampa Dampa's support the springs to give a firm and tight ride. The Dampa's are available with varying stiffness to help the rider achieve the utmost in custom build.

The 5 spoke split rim White Rockstar hubs and lightweight Primo Alpha tyres are one of the best combinations on the market with an impressive overall weight of just 1900 gram’s for the complete set of 4. Unlike the MBS T1 or the GI Balistik tyre has a 2 ply construction and is stronger and more reliable than either, however as with anything, when sacrificing weight, strength always suffers ! There are stronger hubs, but not as light!

The F3 ratchet footstraps really finish these impressive boards off to a T. Very comfortable and easily  adjusted for maximum custom positioning, a first choice in all top riders preferences and suitable for all purposes of boarding off road.

As an optional up-grade using an extended bolt to convert the F3 straps, Trampa/SP ratchet style heel straps fit perfectly to the F3 footstraps, giving what we describe as being the finest binding setup on the market, offering the rider total security and control over their board.

New to the range, we have just launched an advanced grip tape, known as "Trampa Tread". Originally developed for the decking of yachts and other water craft, it is deep grooved and offers superior grip compared to regular grip tape. Excellent for all conditions especially the beach.

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