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Trampa Skate Mountain Board
Trampa Skate Mountain Board
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Trampa Skate Mountain Board

Shown here on a 15 degree Trampa deck are Scrub Skate trucks wearing scrub 5 spoke hubs with Primo's 2ply lightweight Alpha tyres, Trampa Velcro footstraps and standard grip tape.

The Trampa scrub skate is by far the strongest / lightest setup on the market. Weighing in at honest 5.8kgs as a standard model it is barely matched by the rivals in performance, weight and durability, it’s a true world series winner! 

Excellent for riders who are new to the sport, young or small, or those who like to have super light weight set-ups for freestyle or kiting.

The Scrub skate trucks can be fitted to either the long or short 15 degree Trampa decks. Depending on your height and personal preference will determine which deck is best for you.

The trucks have re-enforced hollow axels and use a simple skate style 14mm kingpin tensioner, mounted on rubber, to adjust the resistance of the steering. Heavier riders should expect to bend or sometimes break these trucks, but being 1 kilo lighter in weight than just about every other truck on the market and at only £30 per pair to replace, they are excellent value all-round.

Shown here wearing scrubs super strong 4 and a half inch, 5 spoke blue hubs and Primo's blue 8 inch super light-weight 2 ply alpha tyre with the smartest tyre tread to date! The tyres are 2 ply, therefore they are stronger than the MBS T1 and the GI Ballistiks, (which are both only 1 ply and susceptible to punctures) whilst being only marginally heavier.

This model also wears trampa's own double stitched velcro footstraps, fitted throughout with marine grade stainless steel fixings for durability, quality and comfort.

An additional up-grade to this board would be to fit the new Trampa / SP ratchet heel straps, easy to construct and fairly priced at only £30, newly recommended for Kiting tho!

New to the range, we have just launched an advanced grip tape, known as "Trampa Tread". Originally developed for the decking of yachts and other water craft, it is deep grooved and offers superior grip compared to regular grip tape. Excellent for all conditions especially the beach.

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