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Trampa 15 Degree Skate Deck
Trampa 15 Degree Skate Deck
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Trampa 15 Degree Skate Deck

The original TRAMPA™ skate style, 15 degree long trampa deck was our first creation. It was based on the design workings of of the Scrub silver reef, where we wanted to improve a non responsive wooden skate set-up. 

The TRAMPA™ 15 degree deck is  suitable as an upgrade or replacement for a damaged deck, and can fit all skate style truck systems regardless of their brand. Suitable truck systems which fit to the trampa 15 degree deck include, scrub, Kheo, Mbs, grassboard, Exit,  kitedeck revolution, G4-s, NoSno Bio Hazard daisy cutter, mongoose, earthboard.

The TRAMPA™ deck is made from a re-inforced glass and plastic thermo composite, which was originally developed for light-weight millitary purposes, giving superior strength to weight ratios. It is able to with stand huge impacts or forces and flex's like most other materials cant.

It is specially formulated, and presented in a workable matter in a thread like format, just like cotton. From there, we weave the thread to our desired width, and place it onto a roll.

Polished and pre shaped alluminium moulds are used to give the material the dimensions we require.

By varying the layer quantity used, we are able to control the amount of flex and pop in the deck, allowing us to custom make the deck for the customers height weight, style, rider type and riders abillity.

A special seal is used to help with the large pump to create  a high pressured vaccume. The mould is then placed in the oven, still under a vaccume, to cook, just like a cake.

Water and a very fine sand are used to cut out the decks individually from the mould. The water is pressured at 60,000 Psi. (enough pressure to cut through 9 inch titanium!)

We can make the TRAMPA™ deck as stiff or as flexi as you would want it to be.

All TRAMPA™ blank decks are available undrilled, drilled, with grip tape or without, for your truck system and binding setup.

New to the range, we have just launched an advanced grip tape, known as "Trampa Tread". Originally developed for the decking of yachts and other water craft, it is deep grooved and offers superior grip compared to regular grip tape. Excellent for all conditions especially the beach. This can be fitted at the factory when ordering.

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