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Peter Lynn Folding Buggy
Peter Lynn Folding Buggy
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Peter Lynn Folding Buggy

Peter Lynn XR Folding Buggy

The new Folding Buggy is now designed around the Competition XR, so it's a lot stronger. It also is much bigger with the rear axel width now 120cm instead of 90cm and the length almost 50% longer.

The side frames are much higher making the riding position much more comfy. When in it's folded mode it's almost the same small compact size as before which easily fits in to any car.

Frame Weight: 6.4kg

Wheel Size: 4.80 / 4.00 - 8"

Total Weight 16.3kg

Front Forks: Standard

Rear Bolts: 12mm

Available in Standard Wheel or Wide Wheel options
Available Options:
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