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Cameleon Pogona Kite Buggy
Cameleon Pogona Kite Buggy
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Cameleon Pogona Kite Buggy

Cameleon Pogona Buggy Standard Specifications

Made from 100% stainless steel, the Pogona is one of the most durable buggys ever. It has been used and approved for racing on the very bumpy beaches in France, and has since been adopted by most pilots who need to be 100% confident in their buggy.


The forks are made from a bent 27mm diameter tube for strength. The foot pegs are welded onto the forks. Laser cut plates are used for the steering parts and the fittings for the front wheel.


As the headstock is a part of the buggy which has to withstand significant strain, we chose a no compromise solution by using a 60x40mm square tube to counter the torque. The junction between the fork and the headstock is done through two bearings, and a 20mm bolt.

Side Rails

The side rails have been developed to give you one of the most comfortable buggys, and to keep you from being ejected sideways when flying overpowered.

Rear Axle

The rear axle is 150cm wide, to give you enough grip and stability on any surface.

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