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Libre Protask V4a Stainless
Libre Protask V4a Stainless
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Libre Protask V4a Stainless

The allegation by the development of the PROTASK were as easy as effective: even more high speed by maximise buckling resistance. The result is an absolute buckling resistant frame-construction in which three years development work became invested.

The perfect balanced geometry warranted a harmonically drivability which nearly manages without extra weights.
The symbiotic cooperation from the geometry and the buckling resistance offers, particularly on the cross rate who the across powers are highest, a brilliant straight course.

The unique optic and a high quality of converting guarantee also by longer use a lower obsolescence.

The Protask is available in two sizes.
S/M and L/XL

Purchased parts package:

    • 3 x Big foot
    • fender
    • Footstraps
    • Back axle 150 cm


    • Tow bar PROTASK



Because of the extreme frame-stability it is possible to use the PROTASK as a sand yacht. So the PROTASK is the only Kite Buggy on the market which can be rebuild as a sand yacht without the annoying sidewise mast-struts.

Because of the free-standing mast the sand yacht can be started by low wind like a big sand yacht – by pushing on. The rebuilding-Kit contains all necessary components like mast foot, mast, vario boom, sail and pulley.

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