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Flexifoil Scout Buggy
Flexifoil Scout Buggy
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Flexifoil Scout Buggy

The definitive buggy designed by Flexifoil and Rob Hills, one of the world’s top buggy freestyle pilots. This buggy has been tested under the most extreme conditions and has a great allround design that’s built to last. Built ED treated steel for superior anti-corrosion resistance with a resilient powder coated finish for additional corrosion protection and a gloss finish. Both the seat and down tube are fully adjustable to cater for most riders.

The wrap-around seat keeps tight to your body as you turn and twist, giving comfortable lateral and back support. Don’t worry about fitting it in the car – this buggy is super easy to dismantle for transportation and storage.

Scout Features

A kite buggy designed for racing, cruising and freestyle at all levels.
ED-treated steel for superior anti-corrosion resistance.
Resilient powder coated finish for additional corrosion protection and a gloss finish.
Designed with extreme freestyle in mind.
Short adjustable wheelbase – perfect control for freestyle tricks.
Based upon the legendary Flexifoil / Rob Hills design.
New adjustable ergonomic seat - a deeper more comfortable fit with added back support.
Stainless steel hardware to withstand the salt environment.
Bombproof lightweight hubs with a versatile tyre suitable for all terrains.
Comes complete with tools, full instructions, and a warranty for peace of mind
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