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 Kite Packages Kite Packages

From Kite surfing, land boarding to kite buggying, there is a starter package for everyone, please contact us for any custom packages they want to order, we add up to 10% discount on any package ordered from us.
Power Kites

Power Kites are where it all starts, from the small 2 line foils up to 10m kites.

We recommend the PKD Buster range as a starter kite finishing with the Ozones , specifically the Haka for ultimate performance, any questions please contact us.
 Power Kites
 Kite Surfing Kite Surfing

Kite Surfing is the top level of the kiting game for most people, the biggest airs, the hardest tricks. We recommend the BEST kites range to get started on the water !
Kite Buggying

Kite Buggying is the art of piloting a metal frame with 3 wheels attached up a sandy beach or large field, lately buggy jumping has been introduced for the fearless !
 Kite Buggying
 Kite Landboarding Kite Landboarding

Kite Landboarding is the land based cousin of kite surfing, all the moves are the same but the landings harder, its a good starter sport to move onto the water aswell.
Kite Panic

Ok, so you have heard all about this "power kiting", maybe seen it on a beach, on tv, on the internet, you are thinking, this looks serious fun, well it is , we have kite surfing kites, land kites, high aspect kites, buggy kites, its all confusing, we hope to give you with our 10 years of experience a simple way into starting each power kiting discipline.
 Kite Panic
 Paragliding Paragliding

Here at EK we love to extend the boundaries. We love to kitesurf, buggy and landboard and it seems a natural progression to move where eagles dare. We are now keen paragliders and we want to share our new passion with you. Take a look at our on going video section and a small array of accessories we can offer.
Kite Accessories

From Windmeters to Kite harnesses choose an accessory.

If we dont have an item on the site please contact us as we will be able to help you!
 Kite Accessories
 Bargain Basement Bargain Basement

Slashed prices on new gear and fully inspected used equipment. All used gear on our site has been well checked over and tested. We won't sell it if it's not safe and we give 7 day return unused if not completely satisfied!

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