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RRD Kites

The passion for making new designs, developing new prototypes and pushing new technological and design limits its just the basic lifestyle of RRD. A long period of practice and experience in composition materials research that comes from making boards and working with the largest sailmakers of the world, completes the whole package.
 RRD Obsession RRD Obsession

The only SLE kite in rrds line. We keep considering a freestyle kite “out of the 4 line C-shape box”.
RRD Obsession MKII 2010

The only SLE kite in our line. Solid proven performance. Solid Power, "silly" manoeuvrability, perfect to ride unhooked.
 RRD Obsession MKII 2010
 RRD Passion MKII 2010 RRD Passion MKII 2010

A new line of hybrid Delta kites that evolves from the rest. Specifically designed with lightweight features in mind.
RRD Religion 2010

RRD has been the first brand to ever build a specific kite for waves. For our Type Wave launched in 2002, we have kept always an eye on a specific kite that would be designed to excel in the waves.
 RRD Religion 2010
 RRD Addiction RRD Addiction

The new POWER BOMB in the 2009 line. Based on a D-shape kite with a relatively open LE arch, the Addiction is the kite for power freaks that want to get lift and endless progressive power.
RRD Kites Global Bar

The New Global Bar is composed of 3 pieces, on the sides you have a carbon prepreg tube including the roll- up line horns built in one monocoque price, a classic kite surfing bar.
 RRD Kites Global Bar
 RRD Kite Boards RRD Kite Boards

The new 10 range of RRD kite boards, featuring twin tips, surf orientated kite boards, there is an RRD board for every kite surfing style.
RRD Kitebags

Travel with your gear in a super lite bag that helps you pay alot less on sports equipment. EK Recommended product!!!
 RRD Kitebags

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