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Flysurfer Kites

In the kite surfing world, FLYSURFER has become the synonym for the bridled ramair kite system in just a few years.

From the beginning, FLYSURFER has fought for its own path, away from the other worn-out ones. Although that certainly wasn’t the easiest way to go, it has proven itself to be the right one.

The constant increase of demand for FLYSURFER high-end products motivates us to continue following that path.
 Flysurfer Psycho 4 Flysurfer Psycho 4

The design and development goals for the PSYCHO4 were crystal clear from the very beginning. The pressure was high, but the initial successes have already proven that we've introduced another winner to the market!

The PSYCHO4 follows in the footsteps of its predecessor and impresses as a radical freestyle kite with big safety reserves. The enhanced agility of the kite in combination with the direct feedback enables superior control - learning new tricks has just gotten easier!
Flysurfer Pulse 2

With the development of the PULSE 2, FLYSURFER brings a new advanced Self Inflatable Kite to the market with extreme depower, superb light wind performance and excellent handling with maximum range of use. To create a worthy successor of the PULSE, FLYSURFER R&D have invested over a year to give the new PULSE2 a surplus in performance, depower and handling. To bring your kiteboarding to the next level!
 Flysurfer Pulse 2
 Flysurfer Speed 2 Flysurfer Speed 2

Two years ago the SPEED already showed its superiority compared to other designs in terms of hangtime and upwind ability. With the SPEED 2 we now managed to improve these characteristics among several others! Maximum performance paired with the best power/depower-effect currently available on the market! Regarding the depower effect we succeeded in drastically increasing its effectiveness. The depower effect on the SPEED 2 even outperforms the PSYCHO 3’s!

In terms of hangtime and lift the SPEED 2 also sets new standards!
Flysurfer Outlaw

We are pleased to announce to you a NEW addition to our FLYSURFER line-up. Just in time for the winter season we present to you our new OUTLAW. The OUTLAW is the world's first high depower open-celled snow- and landkite made in premium FLYSURFER quality. A new design in our line-up with superb performance, handling and turning speed.
 Flysurfer Outlaw
 FlyBoards Radical Kite Board FlyBoards Radical Kite Board

The FLYRADICAL S, M & L represent our all round freeride/ freestyle twintip line. The full wood-core, asymmetrical shape and concave grip bottom gives riders unmatched performance and previously unattainable comfort in all conditions with massive pop for jumps. To this harmonic design we added a very flat and smooth rocker line with a new smooth 4 mm concave. Together with the even bigger flex tips. All FLYRADICAL Boards benefit in terms of an unexpected fast and early planning. “This board cuts though chop like a knife through butter.
Flyboards Flydoor

The FLYDOOR is our all lightwind / upwind twintip line. The wood/foam core-combination, asymmetrical shape and concave bottom give the rider unmatched upwind performance and previously unattainable lightwind fun with unexpected freestyle possibilities. We added an even flatter and smoother rocker line to this harmonic design with a new smooth 4 mm concave. Together with the big flex tips, it gives you maximum upwind performance regardless of the conditions. We’ve been able to save almost 1 Kg in weight on the 2009 FLYDOORS without sacrificing stiffness and durability. This was only possible with the combination of a wood/foam core.
 Flyboards Flydoor

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