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Slingshot Kites

Kite Loops, Big Kite loops are where slingshot kites excell, Super tough, rock solid kites, slingshot wont let you down.
 Slingshot LEI Kites 2010 Slingshot LEI Kites 2010

Slingshot's high performance Leading Edge Inflatable Kites for use on water or land. Our 2010 collection of kites have you covered for Freestyle, Freeride or Crossover riding.
Slingshot FOIL kites 2010

Foil Kites great for learning and light traction. Our foil kites have a reputation for being the best in the industry; durable, forgiving and they give customers an edge in basic flying skills.
 Slingshot FOIL kites 2010
 Slingshot Twintip kiteboards Slingshot Twintip kiteboards

Proven technology used in all of our twin tips. Future Response Technology* is Slingshots very own proprietary board construction. Born from wakeboarding and now available in kiteboarding, proven by Lenten. FRT* is proof positive to our commitment for quality and innovation. Since the boards are built in our very own USA factory, we control quality and protect the innovations that make our boards superior!
Slingshot Kite Surfboards 2010

Developed exclusively for demanding kiteboarding conditions. We are incorporating the magic effect of wood found in our twin tip boards to our surfboards. Our Wood Veneer Sandwich (WVS) brings a new standard of quality to surfboards designed for kiteboarding.
 Slingshot Kite Surfboards 2010
 Slingshot Rev 2008 Slingshot Rev 2008

The NEW Slingshot REV is the answer for every kiter looking for the performance requirements of a traditional "C" shape kite but more of the depower and range of a dedicated bow kite.

The REV is a 4 line hybrid kite that has a unique compact bridle and comes complete with the NEW Directdrive control bar.
Slingshot Fuel 07

The Slingshot Fuel 2007 7m kite has a legacy for innovation dating back to 2001. Over time the Fuel kite has achieved a legendary status of being number one.

Slingshot are very proud of this fact. We know our core Fuel riders; we know what they want and demand. Fuel riders worldwide, including our pro team, require an expert level of performance, uncompromising power and unmatched durability to achieve top level riding.
 Slingshot Fuel 07

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