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Best Kites 2008

More technology than you can shake your stick at
 Best Waroo 08 Best Waroo 08

The NEW Best Waroo 08, awesome kite for all levels of kite surfing. The ’08 Waroo will outperform both your expectations and the competition. It is not just the best value for the money out there; it is simply the best Dacron/Rip-Stop SLE kite on the market.
Best Nemesis HP 08

The Nemesis HP is the best kite we’ve ever made and we’ve priced it significantly less than the competition. It does everything just a little bit better than any other kite on the market. Whether you’re into big air, big waves, freestyle, handle passes or just cruising, the Nemesis HP is the perfect kite.
At the Best Dealer meeting in Tarifa, the HP Nemesis outperformed any kite out on the water, we have Nemesis HP Demos available, please come and see for yourself !
 Best Nemesis HP 08
 Best Yarga 08 Best Yarga 08

Pro-team input has helped create a mid-aspect, high-performance C-kite that is perfectly suited to the task of advancing up the competition ladder. A moderate aspect ratio layout allows the Yarga to be ridden deep into the window for throwing no-whip tricks and powered handle-passes without affecting stability.

We have the 9m on demo, phone for details.

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