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Best 07 Gear

All the best gear from 07 is listed here for your information on second hand gear.
 Best Bularoo 07 Best Bularoo 07

Ever since the release of the original Waroo SLE, snowkiters and landboarders have been demanding that the R&D team create a terrain specific version that delivers all the performance of the Waroo, with all the additional practicality that use in cold climates dictates.
Best Yarga 07

Hot on the heels of the performance redefining Waroo 07 and Bularoo comes the new Yarga Hybrid SLE. The new Yarga is the ultimate high performance, extended depower C-kite, that gives all riders 4-line, 5th-line and SLE style micro-bridle set up and performance options.
 Best Yarga 07
 Best Waroo 07 Best Waroo 07

For 07 the design team at Best have taken everything that riders loved about the Waroo, the huge depower, the c-shape handling, the amazing hangtime and lift, light bar pressure and exceptional stability, and wrapped it up in a brand new skin, with a whole host of design advancements and new technical product features.
Best Waroo Pro

The 2007 Best Waroo Pro is the most technically advanced, best performing kite ever made. With a reduced diameter Cuben Fiber leading edge, exclusive new "Canopy Framing Technology", profile shapers, surf-proof construction and countless other quality features, the Best Waroo Pro is simply the perfect kite.
 Best Waroo Pro
 Best Kiteboards 2007 Best Kiteboards 2007

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