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Crazy Fly Kites & Boards

Crazy Fly Kites & Boards feature some of the top graphics and construction in the industry, full carbon skinned boards, g10 fins, top quality components at a great price.
 Crazy Fly Kites 2010 Crazy Fly Kites 2010

Crazy Fly have decided to produce kites a couple of years ago and as with every CrazyFly product, were absolutely keen to bring a high quality product to the market as they have always done before.
Crazy Fly Kiteboards 2010

This year we have put a lot of effort in improving small, but important details on the boards - please enjoy!
 Crazy Fly Kiteboards 2010
 Crazy Fly Kite Boards 2007 Crazy Fly Kite Boards 2007

Crazy Fly Kite Boards - Their production is the most precise in every detail and the raw materials used are all from the best European producers in ski and snowboarding industry with hundreds of years of experience.

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