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RRD Kite Boards

The new 10 range of RRD kite boards, featuring twin tips, surf orientated kite boards, there is an RRD board for every kite surfing style.
 RRD 10 Knots RRD 10 Knots

10 Knots “Light breeze? Go! ...”
RRD FatalWave 2010

FatalWave “Smooth ride, flawless style...”
 RRD FatalWave 2010
 RRD Placebo V2 2010 RRD Placebo V2 2010

Placebo V2“Makes u feel what u are missing...”
RRD Poison V2 2010

What was already the biggest innovation in technology and design for the year 2009, now keeps evolving.
 RRD Poison V2 2010
 RRD Venom Wave RRD Venom Wave

The Venom opens a new trend in kiteboarding, riding waves with full twintip configuration.
RRD Toxic Wave

The toxic mixes up a surfboard based outline with the advantages of a twintip stance.
 RRD Toxic Wave

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