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Best Kites range 2010

You have the number one kite choice for all performance focused riders, in any wind, on any wave.
 Best Taboo Best Taboo

The Taboo introduces a new concept to building the ultimate quiver of high performance kites. Hooked or unhooked, on a wave or high above it, racing ahead of the pack or simply riding on a whisper of wind, each Taboo is uniquely engineered to optimize performance for specific riding conditions.
Best Bularoo 2010

The Best Bularoo is back. Because we know that there are many riders out there who simply can’t live without a classic Waroo-shape SLE kite in their quiver, we have extended the line-up to include the ultimate expression of our SLE kite ambition.
 Best Bularoo 2010
 Best Waroo 2010 Best Waroo 2010

The 2010 Waroo allows you to take your Freeriding further, faster and higher than ever before. We've added Kahoona like ease of use and Nemesis levels of aerodynamic performance to create the ultimate 'do anything, ride everywhere' kite.
Best Nemesis 2010 NXG

It’s all change this year for the Nemesis NXG, out goes the flat SLE plan shape and in comes a much more aggressive Freestyle orientated C-kite shape.
 Best Nemesis 2010 NXG
 Best Kahoona 2010 Best Kahoona 2010

The 2010 Kahoona offers experienced kitesurfers massive airtime with low end grunt that will impress everyone. The 2010 Kahoona has also improved the high wind ability with amazing stability. The changes to the wingtip design and canopy design give this kite some great freestyle capabilities.

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