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Best Kites 2009

All the BEST kites from 2009... need we say more
 Best Waroo 09 Best Waroo 09

The standard against which all other free-ride kites are judged, the ‘09 Waroo doesn’t just blur the lines between new school and old school, wakestyle and freestyle: it erases them.
Best Nemesis 09

The kite of choice for discerning, performance-focused riders worldwide, the Nemesis HP provides the perfect balance between C-kite responsiveness and SLE performance, making it an unbeatable choice for both ‘Big Air’ and ‘Big Surf’ riding styles.
 Best Nemesis 09
 Best Kahoona 09 Best Kahoona 09

he new Kahoona is the perfect choice for every rider looking for a super stable, easy-to-rig, easy-to-fly kite. A reduced aspect-ratio and swept leading edge make the Kahoona Best's quickest relaunching kite; it is the perfect kite choice for beginners and intermediate riders looking to maximize their progress every session.

A new Redline Safety System delivers instant safety-depower whenever you push the QR or drop the bar. With short bridles and only four flying lines, there is nothing to wrap around the kite should you roll it while relaunching. The Redline Safety System allows you to forget about the kite and concentrate on your riding.
Best Guroo 09

The Guroo has been created to fulfill kiteboarding instructor demands for a simple, effective and utterly dependable training kite. Built Surf Tough like the rest of the ‘09 product line, the Guroo is robust enough to survive seasons of school use.

Excellent starter kite !
 Best Guroo 09

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