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Kite Surfing

Kite Surfing is the top level of the kiting game for most people, the biggest airs, the hardest tricks. We recommend the BEST kites range to get started on the water !

Extreme Kites Kitesurf video section. A selection of videos by The EK team and other kiters around the world. If we like it we'll add it here. Regularly updated.

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Best Kites

Best Kiteboarding is the largest and most dynamic brand in the kiteboarding market. In three short years Best Kiteboarding has progressed from infancy to being the number one supplier of kitesurfing equipment across the globe. Simply put, more kitesurfers enjoy kiting on Best equipment than any other brand.

 Best Kites
 North Kites North Kites

North Kites are one of the founders in the kite surfing game, they have a range of kites for all riders, fantastic quality and perfect ride make North Kites a top buy.
Liquid Force Kites

Fresh to the UK the Liquid Force kites are here, their range is strong, including all the most current kiteboard kitesurf kites!
 Liquid Force Kites
 RRD Kites RRD Kites

The passion for making new designs, developing new prototypes and pushing new technological and design limits its just the basic lifestyle of RRD. A long period of practice and experience in composition materials research that comes from making boards and working with the largest sailmakers of the world, completes the whole package.

Since 1972 Flexifoil has been making performance kites with one aim in mind: to give our customers the ultimate kitesports experience. That’s why all our kites are designed and built to the highest standards to deliver the best possible performance
 Nobile Kites, Nobile Boards Nobile Kites, Nobile Boards

Nobile has brought all the qualities from the snowboarding scene into kitesurfing, for a brand thats only been out for 4 years they have become one of the most popular boards out there !

NEWNobile Kites, check out the newest kite into the UK !
Flysurfer Kites

In the kite surfing world, FLYSURFER has become the synonym for the bridled ramair kite system in just a few years.

From the beginning, FLYSURFER has fought for its own path, away from the other worn-out ones. Although that certainly wasn’t the easiest way to go, it has proven itself to be the right one.

The constant increase of demand for FLYSURFER high-end products motivates us to continue following that path.
 Flysurfer Kites
 Slingshot Kites Slingshot Kites

Kite Loops, Big Kite loops are where slingshot kites excell, Super tough, rock solid kites, slingshot wont let you down.
Crazy Fly Kites & Boards

Crazy Fly Kites & Boards feature some of the top graphics and construction in the industry, full carbon skinned boards, g10 fins, top quality components at a great price.
 Crazy Fly Kites & Boards
 A Boards - Kite Surfing Boards A Boards - Kite Surfing Boards

A boards - feature a range of 3 dedicated kite surf boards from beginner to expert with a new snowkite board now in the range, great value for money unbreakable boards.
Peter Lynn Kites

Featuring all the super stable arcs, from the Phantom, Guerilla, Venons.
 Peter Lynn Kites
 LiteWave Kite Boards LiteWave Kite Boards

Litewave boards are manufactured to be light, strong, affordable, and have tons-o-pop. Our concave bottoms are one-of-a-kind. The snowboard-like CAP construction is precision molded by computer. Performance is found in two board lines
Fanatic Kite Boards

The lightweight and near indestructible construction is the perfect combination for very responsive, yet robust kiteboards.

Each board size has a special arithmetically developed rocker line, responsible for the best combination of speed, handling and manoeuvrability.
 Fanatic Kite Boards
 Brunotti Kite Boards Brunotti Kite Boards

Brunotti Kite Boards - Feeling good has a name. Brunotti.

Featuring a new range for 09 one of the oldest kite board manufacturers in the business, check the new graphics out for this year !

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