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Power Kites

Power Kites are where it all starts, from the small 2 line foils up to 10m kites.

We recommend the PKD Buster range as a starter kite finishing with the Ozones , specifically the Haka for ultimate performance, any questions please contact us.

Extreme Kites Powerkite Video Section. If we like it we'll add it here for your viewing pleasure. Updated regularly.

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PKD Kites

Paracontrol Kite Division (PKD) was formed, and development of the kites continues......whether you are a beginner at the sport, a top parakart racer or a kitesurf freestyler, PKD produces the kites that will deliver the ultimate performance.
 PKD Kites
 Pansh Power Kites Pansh Power Kites

PANSH has spent 3 years of research and development on Flux kite. After a longtime testing and improvement, it reaches PANSH's design exactly now. The good performance and character of PANSH Flux kite is approbated by flyers.
Ozone Power Kites

Ozone Power Kites are THE top branded kite on the market today, from a massively successful paraglider company these kites are built to the same spec as paragliders ! Suited for all your late deals on package holidays from OnTheBeach
 Ozone Power Kites
 Flexifoil Power Kites Flexifoil Power Kites

Since 1972 Flexifoil has been making performance kites with one aim in mind: to give our customers the ultimate kitesports experience. That’s why all our kites are designed and built to the highest standards to deliver the best possible performance
HQ Power Kites

HQ feature a range of power kites aimed at the beginner to intermediate, quality kites at a good price
 HQ Power Kites
 Peter Lynn Kites Peter Lynn Kites

The New Zealand company of Peter Lynn Kites was founded in 1973 by Elwyn and Peter Lynn and operated by them. World leaders in the design of kites both large and small. From kids kites to world record holders and the latest in power kites all designed in Ashburton - New Zealand.

Check out the Peter Lynn Hornet
U Turn Kites

The build quality of U-Turn kites is second to none. The materials are the best available and the construction is to the same standard as our paragliders, ensuring long service and lasting performance
 U Turn Kites
 Gin Kites Gin Kites

Coming from a paragliding background Gin have moved into the kiting game, they have a fast range of kites from land kites to kite surfing gear, top quality gear

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