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Here at EK we love to extend the boundaries. We love to kitesurf, buggy and landboard and it seems a natural progression to move where eagles dare. We are now keen paragliders and we want to share our new passion with you. Take a look at our on going video section and a small array of accessories we can offer.

Videos by the EK team and any others on the web we like we'll add here regularly for yor viewing pleasure.

click image to view video or trailer

These are online videos and not for sale.
Paragliding Instruments

Paragliding Instruments from Brauniger, Flytec, Flymaster, here at EK we are both on Brauniger Competinos, fantastic bit of kit, with such features as distance to last thermal, glide to goal, etc.
 Paragliding Instruments
 Paragliding Hardware Paragliding Hardware

Bits and pieces for your set up, more coming soon.
Paragliding Helmets

Paragliding Helmets from HAMMER, Skyline, Plusmax, Lazer(UK team sponsor) , the plus max range has gained popularity recently in our area, good fit and a good cross sports helmet.

Please email for availability of the HMR helmets as the helmet range is so popular stock is changing rapidly, 95% of HMR products are not available until 20th december
 Paragliding Helmets
 Paraglider Accessories Paraglider Accessories

All the paragliding accessories here, if you dont see something that you would like please contact us , we will most probably be able to get it for you specially.
Paragliders Special Offers

Paragliders Special Offers - featuring second hand and used gear, older wings can save money but dont have the performance or safety of our newer wings on the market.
 Paragliders Special Offers

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