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PKD Kites

Paracontrol Kite Division (PKD) was formed, and development of the kites continues......whether you are a beginner at the sport, a top parakart racer or a kitesurf freestyler, PKD produces the kites that will deliver the ultimate performance.
 PKD Brooza 2 PKD Brooza 2

No hype just the ultimate all-round kite.
PKD Buster Soulfly

We are pleased to introduce the new BUSTER Soulfly series, which will replace the BUSTER III and the BROOZA III series.

The BUSTER Soulfly is a complete new 4 line design for traction beginners and intermediate flyers.

It can be flown with 4-line handles or on the NEW “4-line Soulfly bar”
 PKD Buster Soulfly
 PKD Buster 09 PKD Buster 09

The PKD Buster took the entry level traction kiting market by storm when it was introduced 3 years ago. The long awaited replacement for the original Buster is arriving in May and is set to create an even bigger impact than it’s predecessor.

This kite is perfect for all power kite starters and is THE kite we recommend.
PKD Combat

The Combat...the definitive edge when it comes to pure speed. Available in Blue, Red or Black Combats are supplied as kite and stuff sack only.
 PKD Combat
 PKD Brooza PKD Brooza

The PKD Brooza is the latest addition to the PKD kites range of 4 line traction kites. The PKD Brooza's fully skin shaped design gives outstanding performance with stable and easy control: Ideal for beginners through to the really power hungry. By selecting high quality materials and ensuring close attention to detail in the manufacturing process, PKD have set new standards of performance and quality at a price that makes the PKD Brooza unbeatable!

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