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Flymaster F1 Nav
Flymaster F1 Nav
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Flymaster F1 Nav

Flymaster F1 combined vario/gps module

Flymaster's F1 module is a unique combined vario/gps that, in conjunction with the Flymaster NAV+ software, transforms your PDA into a complete flight instrument. Together, they form possibly the most innovative soaring flight instrument you will find today, featuring all the necessary information either for leisure, XC, or competition flight.

To get the most from the F1, you need the Flymaster NAV+ software and any PDA with transreflective screen running Windows Pocket PC 2003 Second Edition PDA, or above. See Flymaster's website for more details.

This isn't a switch on and go all in one instrument like the Brauniger Competino, but it does offer many more features and being a modular system with a dedicated team behind it is sure to offer many new, unique features that you won't find anywhere else.

The F1 module can be used alone, as an acoustic vario with gps data logger... But to get the most from the features, team it up with a pda running Flymaster's NAV+ software.


  • 16 channel high sensitivity GPS receiver;
  • High sensitivity altimeter and variometer featuring exclusive UltraSense pressure sensor;
  • Configurable variometer acoustics;
  • RF wireless interface (RF) allowing connection of external sensors (ex. Anemometer, etc.);
  • Class II Bluetooth interface, for connecting to NAV+ or other navigation software;
  • Updatable firmware;
  • 180,000 points data logger, allowing 50 hours flight time with 1 s recording interval;
  • Outputs FAI compliant IGC track data with digital signature;
  • Fully compatible with common flight analysis software (Compegps, etc);
  • Dual battery bank with hot-swap capability, allowing for over 20 hours of flight time;
  • Data output via RS232 or Bluetooth, standard NMEA messages, and specific NMEA type messages for Variometer and Altimeter.
  • Size: 120mm x 65mm x 35mm - Weight: 120g (without batteries)

As used by many of the top International competition teams including Spanish and Italian.

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