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Cameleon Iguana
Cameleon Iguana
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Cameleon Iguana

Cameleon Iguana Standard Specifications

If you are a race pilot, then this buggy should be your choice. On the Iguana, you can trim everything you need to make it yours, and get the best out of it.

One question still remains. Will you be good enough to make the most of it...


The forks are made from a bent 27mm diameter tube for strength. The foot pegs are adjustable plates for comfort and the best ergonomics possible. The laser cut plates are designed so that you can use standard wheels or disk wheels with the same fork.


As the headstock is a part of the buggy which has to withstand significant strain, we chose no compromise with using a 60x40mm square tube to counter the torque. The junction between the fork and the headstock is done through two bearings, and a 20mm bolt.

Side Rails

The side rails have been developed to give you one of the most comfortable buggy, and to keep you from being ejected sideways when flying overpowered.

Back Support

To improve the comfort, we chose to add a back support. This helps you keep the best position for long runs and racing. When buggying through big bumps, push on the foot pegs and on the back support, and you will see how much power you can hold.

Rear Axle

The rear axle is 155cm wide.

Wheel Camber & Toe Adjuster

Combined with an extra wide axle, cambered wheels will give you extra grip for upwind reaches. The toe adjuster is used to trim your toe in/ toe out very precisely. With our new patented system for camber, you can be sure that your camber will be perfectly symmetrical , and you can change from cambered wheels to straight wheels in one minute.

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